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My Recommendation for Womens Cowboy Boots

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Harley Davidson Boots graphicCowboy boots are traditionally seen as the domain of the macho male. They seem to exude power, machismo and animal magnetism. But, according to researchers, this idea would be a fallacy. Women have worn cowboy boots for at least a century now, say boot connoisseurs, though over time the shape and size has changed a great deal. Cowboys in the Wild West would ride for days and walk for miles in these boots, and women of those times were also required to do some pretty tough work. While women’s cowboy boots have now acquired the status of being very high fashion, in bygone times they were bare necessities. Now the cowboy boot can be referred to as unisex, being worn by movie stars, country singers, ranch hands and presidents alike. Women’s cowboy boots are widely available and look trendy with jeans or skirts.

Cowboy boots are now found wherever you can buy boots, from specialty stores to JCPenney and Macy’s. Trendy and svelte, women’s cowboy boots are beyond age boundaries, looking hip on a young woman and classy on a mature one. Brought into vogue in the 50s and 60s by Hollywood spaghetti westerns, cowboy boots have been an enduring fashion, never going out of style. In fact, these boots represent a particularly good fashion investment. If you buy a good pair from an established brand (and there are plenty of those to pick from), they last a long time and always look great. They are just what you need to spice up those faded jeans on a run to the drugstore or to team with a fitted denim skirt on a movie date. They come in various shapes and designs to suit every taste.

Cowboy boots come in pointed toes, rounded or squared off toes. They may have a design embossed on the leather on both sides and even motifs painted on, which is very stylish. Manufacturers make boots with a lot of different shapes to give each person a custom fit to be perfectly comfortable. The best part of all is that they don’t have to cost the earth. Women’s cowboy boots are available from the top manufacturers at discount prices. Some manufacturers of these boots have been in business for an extremely long time and have perfected the craftsmanship to an art form. Fine cowhide is typically used though exotic leather like buffalo, snake and ostrich is also used for premium boots. Pointed toes and one inch high heels are the traditional mark of the cowboy boot but they are available for women in very pointed toes and higher heels as fashion dictates, as well. Traditional-style ones are very comfortable and are the most popular.

Enhanced by today’s advances in technology, high quality and durability is available in women’s cowboy boots at reasonable prices from makers such the legendary H.J. Justin, Lucchese and Lacossco. A woman of substance always loves her cowboy boots. Don’t they bring back images of cool nights in the mountains, sitting outdoors by a fire with pot roast and a banjo?

My Recommendation for Womens Cowboy Boots