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My Recommendation for Olathe Cowboy Boots

Olathe Cowboy Boots

One of the oldest manufacturers in the business, Olathe has been making cowboy boots for generations of rough riders, from custom made ones back in the day to the like-custom fit ones on offer today. Started in 1873, long before the rail system was developed, Olathe cowboy boots set up to make their products in Olathe, Kansas. Olathe cowboy boots have adorned the feet of old greats of the Wild West such as Wild Bill Hickok and Jesse James. Today, celebrities and champion rodeo stars are seen in this legendary brand. Olathe is a brand for heros, be they famous, infamous or the everyday kind.

World renowned for superior leather, outstanding fit and sturdiness, Olathe cowboy boots turned out to be the boot of choice for every rider from Texas to Washington. The town became famous as the center of real cowboy boot fabrication. Now, more than 125 years down that road, Olathe of Kansas continues to manufacture boots to be worn with pride and comfort for years on end by the authentic cowboy. Making great

boots for men, women and children for many years has given Olathe the experience and technique necessary to provide the product to suit the requirements of every individual. Olathe knows that boots that are comfortable for the regular ranch hand or farm worker will fit the comfort test of any wearer. The styling comes in traditional as well as modern, to match the taste of both the connoisseur of the vintage style and demanding new generation customer who wants trendy, edgy styles.

Based on feedback from customers and riders, Olathe tries to respond by making better products with a focus on comfort, quality and a mix of hand work and machine stitch. In 2001, manufacturing facilities were shifted to Mercedes, Texas, which is like one of the homes of cowboy boots in the United States. Olathe cowboy boots are made using only the best resources and wherever possible, handcrafting is utilized in the making of these exceptional boots. Every pair is still fabricated with the same attention to detail as the earliest one ever made, more than a hundred years previously. The company maintains its commitment to quality over quantity. Each pair is made with only: Select treated leather insoles, experienced craftsmen, quality outsoles for longer wear sole, leather heel counters, spring steel shanks, and fully leather-lined vamp and leg.

The craftsmen who work on Olathe cowboy boots symbolize, in sum, several hundred years of skill and learning handed down through the preceding century. The experience of these workers remains incomparable in the whole business and represents the pride in the craft of boot making, which has been dormant but not obsolete. And to boot, the price of one of these genuine masterpieces starts from the relatively low amount of $200. Olathe is one of the oldest remaining boot manufacturers that can exalt you to the status of owning something that Jesse James also once wore. Antique and vintage Olathe boots are also widely available for collectors to enjoy.

My Recommendation for Olathe Cowboy Boots