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My Recommendation for Acme Cowboy Boots

Acme Cowboy Boots

Acme Cowboy Boots imagePreviously known as the "World's Largest Boot maker," Acme cowboy boots became part of the Double-H group of shoe manufacturers and has undergone a major revival, with fresh life and breath being blown into the product. Acme’s impressive history added to highly technologically developed line of boots, gives you the most worth for your buck.
Fronted by such great bull riders as Owen Washburn, Lee Akin and Corey Navarre who belong to rodeo’s Team Acme, the Acme cowboy boots are recapturing a long status as a top manufacturer in western boots. Acme has even lately been chosen to be the official boot company for the Express Ranches. If you are a real life cowboy, Acme believes that their boots are “the Way to Wear the West”.

Acme cowboy boots are the ultimate pairing of traditional leather and stitch with the latest standards in fabrication. Whether you need to use them everyday at work, to school or to party, Acme will have styles to suit your needs – western, rock n roll, ladies, kid’s or work style. For generation after generation, this brand has served its customer’s well by always providing high quality and great variety. Acme has taken the trouble to hark back to the original, authentic materials, traditional styling and great value. Affordability and total comfort are the hallmarks of the original Acme brand name.

The advanced technology that accompanies the beautiful finish comes in the form of DRYZ foam, which will allow your feet to breathe by ensuring they remain cool and dry. On contact with moisture, the DRYZ foam comes into action, soaking up the wetness and transforming it into a gel that is dispersed gradually even while the shoes are on your feet. The latest technical advancement that is yet to hit stores is the Acme cowboy boots A-Flex system.

Acme was started in 1929, in Clarksville, Tennessee by a Chicago father and son team of businessmen, Jessel Cohn and Sidney Cohn. From a two-storey building on Clarksville’s Crossland Avenue making children’s shoes sold for under a dollar a pair up until 1935, to making Acme cowboy boots of the highest order sold at a much higher price. The company changed from children’s shoes to boot making full time and gradually became the major manufacturer of cowboy boots of the forties. This streak carried on till the eighties. Acme changed hands many times over, from companies like Arena group of brands of Texas to the Texas boot company, Lebanon, Tennesse as recently as 2000.

By 2002, H.H. Brown bought over Acme from Texas Boot Company and grouped it with the brand Double-H boots to complement the high priced line. With the large financial resources and manufacturing capabilities provided by the H.H. Brown group, the Acme collection was revived and returned to its former glory, leading the way in the affordable boot category. A great pair of Acme cowboy boots can be purchased for the great low price of $70. While some Acmes can go up to $300, discount prices are widely available from many retailers.

My Recommendation for Acme Cowboy Boots