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Justin Cowboy Boots graphicYou don’t have to be a cowboy (or girl) to wear them, but cowboy boots still go especially well with denim. Cowboy boots are a particular type of riding boots that have been worn by cowboys as far back as the 18th century, when America was home to these tough men of the Wild West. Marked by their durability, cowboy boots are easily identifiable by their distinctive shape and style. Generally mid-calf length, they are made of thick, soft leather and historically had pointed toes. Another distinctive feature is their high heel. Discount cowboy boots are widely available and are typically made from cowhide. If you are willing to spend top dollar, of course, boots are available in exotic leather, such as elk, snake, alligator, and elephant. But you can get excellent quality discount cowboy boots for as little as $50.

Made popular by Hollywood spaghetti westerns, cowboy boots found their way into the fashion world, where they found a permanent home amongst celebrities. Everyone from Jessica Simpson to President Truman has been a fan of the boot, making them one of the most durable accessories to own. Worn with faded jeans or a denim skirt, they bring back memories of frontier

life in the age that created America. Cowboy boots will have a high shaft, covering the calves almost completely and no laces. There are two main types of cowboy boots, western - with pointed toes, and roper - with rounded toes. For the sake of fashion, discount cowboy boots are now available in different toe shapes, rounded, square, and very pointed. They will traditionally have about one inch high heels with an angle to them.

When buying discount cowboy boots, be aware that the shape of the toe will affect the fit of the boot. When buying pointed toe boots, remember that selecting half a size bigger than your regular shoe size will work best to give a comfort fit. This is because the space at the front of a pointed toe boot is very narrow and your foot will not slide all the way in. This is normally not an issue with the rounded toe boots. While the boots may seem snug when you first try them on, this is only because the leather is thick. Since it will soften to take the shape of your foot, buying a fitted pair is the best idea. Many famous manufacturers have been around for a very long time in this industry and offer great boots at very affordable prices. Keep this in mind when you shop.

Some of the most famous old manufacturers are Nocona, Justin, Tony Lama, Olathe and Durango, amongst a host of others. These are the labels to look for when you go out to buy discount cowboy boots - simply look for the right stores and the right time, and you can have the best brand boots at discount prices. Designs in the leather and painted patterns on the sides of the boots are considered more stylish and up-market. Painted or not, cowboy boots exude power, style and the true-blue American spirit. So, go ahead, walk a mile in Jessica Simpson’s boots; see how it feels to look like a celebrity.

My Recommendation for Discount Cowboy Boots